$3.50 roll 1/2” X 25’

Metallic Tape Colors:  Red, Silver, Royal Blue, Gold, Green, Hot Pink

$2.50 roll 1/2” X 12’

Hologram Tape Colors: Silver/Blocks, Yellow/Crystals, Blue/Stars, Pink/Hearts, Gold/Leaf

$3.50 roll 1” x 45’

Grip Tape Cloth (non-padded) Colors:  USA Flag, Red, White, Navy, Gold, Black, Hot Pink, Jolly Roger

Decorative Metallic Tape for Batons
Hologram Tape  for Twirl Batons


Rosin Mixture Keeps your hands dry.  4 oz cans

“How to Twirl a Baton” DVD for Beginners. 30 min.
How to Twirl Two-Baton” DVD for Beginners 30 min.
How to  Twirl Flag Batons” DVD  30 min.

$28.95 each

$3.50 roll 1/2” X 25’

Prism Tape Colors:  Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Green, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, or Black

Prism Tape for Twirling Batons

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Grip Sports Tape for Baton Cloth
DVD-Susan-Katz-How to Twirl a Baton
DVD-Susan-Katz-How to Twirl Two Batons

Susan Katz is a certified Instructor as well as a Junior Olympic
Judge.   These DVD’s teach a variety of baton twirling techniques. 

Powder Rosin

Rhinestone Pin Baton Twirler
Rhinestone Pin Twirler Girl



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rhinestone pin “baton twirler”

rhinestone twirler girl pin

metallic tape

prism tape

hologram tape

grip tape


instructional twirling dvd

twirling accessories, dvd’s & gifts

Picture Frame I-Love-Twirling

frame “I love twirling”


  • White picture frame 8 x 10”
  • Pink Matte with “I Love Twirling” imprinted
  • Holds photo approx 3” x 3”

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rhinestone pin “i love baton”


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Pin rhinestone jewelry I heart baton

rhinestone pin “twirler mom”


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Pin rhinestone jewelry twirler mom
Charm I heart twirl sterling silver

charm sterling silver “i love to twirl”

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Sharp Baby Baton 75

baby baton


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Sharp Baby Baton: Great for your toddler twirler!  This is a “just for fun” item. 
It is not weighted like the professional batons $12.95 
Great for practicing finger rolls.  Approx 10” length..

Decorative metallic tape for baton twirling.

Decorative prism tape for baton twirling. Comes in a variety of colors and beautifully reflects light.

Grip Tape used by baton twirlers for easier grip on the baton shaft..


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